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The Legacy of Bank of Hamilton

Welcome to the historical archive of the Bank of Hamilton. This page is lovingly maintained by adPharos, an Atlanta-based digital marketing agency with a passion for helping community banks thrive.

A Pillar of Hamilton, North Dakota

The Bank of Hamilton was more than just a financial institution; it was a pillar of the community. Founded in 1886, this bank had roots as deep as Hamilton itself. Located at 1 Wall Street, it served as a beacon of stability and trust for generations of North Dakotans.

For 133 years, Bank of Hamilton was the heart of the financial infrastructure in Hamilton. It was a place where dreams were funded and futures secured. It was a place that understood the value of community and personal relationships, of local businesses and family farms.

A New Chapter

In 2019, the Bank of Hamilton entered a new chapter in its history. It merged and became part of KodaBank, carrying forward its legacy of community service and commitment to financial health. The name might have changed, but the spirit of the Bank of Hamilton lives on.

Remembering the Bank of Hamilton

As a service to the community banking industry, adPharos maintains this page to document the history of Bank of Hamilton. We do this not only to commemorate the bank but to also prevent bad actors from using the web address to conduct illicit activity on behalf of Bank of Hamilton. It’s part of our commitment to protect and serve the community banking industry.

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Let’s Grow Together

Community banks like the Bank of Hamilton may change, but their importance and the relationships they foster remain invaluable. If you’re part of a community bank and want to grow your digital presence, contact adPharos today. Let’s honor the legacy of community banking and build a brighter future, together.

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